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Spartan Side Curved Polycarbonate Window - late 1955-1958 (Clear)

Type: New
Price: $240.10
Quantity Available: 4

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New front side curved window to replace those cracked, missing or worn out plexiglass windows.  Note: This window will not work on the early 1955 models.  Your window must look like the photo here to work.  This window is custom made from UV stabilized polycarbonate not Acrylic, which easily cracks.  Polycarbonates are high-molecular weight, amorphous engineering thermoplastics that have exceptionally high-impact strength over wide temperature range.  It is characterized by an excellent combination of toughness, transparency, heat and flame resistance and dimensional stability.  Humidity changes have little effect on dimension or properties of molded polycarbonate parts.  The insulating and other electrical characteristics of polycarbonate are excellent and they are generally unaffected by greases, oils and acids.  Window may have minute air bubbles and scuffs, which are barely visible and do not distract from the overall appearance of the window. Window may have a slight distortion or wavyness on the very outside edge of the window.  This is from handling the polycarbonate in order to put it in the mold once it is heated to its forming temperature.  Most of this distortion will be cut off when the window is trimmed to size. This is produced approximately 2" larger than the original window, so they can be used on either side and must be cut to size for your trailer.  We have found that the original windows may vary in size as much as 1/4".  For that reason, we cannot produce a one size fits all window, they all must be cut down to fit your specific trailer.  Sold Each. Windows may have very minor scratches, scuffs or blemishes from manufacturing process.

Window gaskets must be ordered separately for this window.    The oversized gasket  part# CHW014 is what you want to order.  You will need 21 ft of gasket material for all 3 windows.  You will also need to order the vinyl glazing for sealing the sides of the center window.  This is part# CHW015 and you will need 10 ft.  If you will be installing these windows, you will also need to buy a tool to insert the lock strip.  We have these available also and the part# is COT001.  You can use the search box in the upper right hand corner to find these parts.

These are custom made items and there are NO RETURNS. Polycarbonate scratches easily and has to be cleaned with a special cleaner called Novus 1 and a soft cleaning cloth. DO NOT USE PAPER TOWELS, NO WINDEX, NO AMONIA BASED CLEANERS.


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Application: 1955-1958 Spartan with front windows that are recessed and all connect to each other.

Height: 29"

Width: 26"

Depth: .177" thick

Part Number: CBP019

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